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  • The Primordial Shells

    The Principle of Complexity is one of the basic elements of the Triad, the "pillars of the world". He assures that even the Full Conscience that generates the Universes on the Physical Plane also evolves and is part of a hierarchy. The expansion of a Full Consciousness on the Physical Plane (i.e. the creation of a Universe) generates individual consciousnesses, which over aeons will eventually evolve into Demi-Conscience (which manifest on the Physical and Mind planes but do not generate Universes) or for new Full Conscience. In fact, Full Conscience ceases to exist from the moment of its "subdivision", manifesting its Will through individual consciousnesses. As each Universe is a closed and infinite system in its internal structure, the individual consciences will be protected by the primordial shell of Full Conscience until they reach an evolutionary stage that allows them to have an independent existence. Read more in Volume 4 of the series, TRIAD.

  • The Universes and their Creation

    According to the principles of Kalc Hermeticism, a Universe is "created", that is, it manifests itself on the Physical Plane, from a Full Conscience that resides on the Plane of the Mind. The process of "creation" is nothing more than the subdivision and subsequent expansion of self-conscious parts of this Full Conscience and which manifest themselves on the Physical Plane in the form of matter. The individual mind is a bridge between the Physical Plane and the Plane of the Mind. When the physical body dies, i.e., exhausts its finite resources, its partial consciousness migrates to another available vessel that vibrates at a similar frequency. Eventually, the Full Conscience does not split. It can generate physical manifestations but they are unstable and without substance. Scholars of Kalc Hermeticism believe that it is a punishment imposed on a Full Conscience through superior and hitherto unknown structures. Read more details in Volume 3 of the series, KALC.

  • Lyra

    Lyra is a stable Type I Universe. It is the oldest Universe catalogued in the Hyperon Universes Database (HUD), with an estimated age of 4 trillion years. As a consequence, Lyra is losing its sub-atomic cohesion, and the matter will cease to exist sometime in the next thousand years. The planet Lyra is ruled by the House of Khor, a 25,500-year-old bloodline. Lyra society is based on Positivist ethics: Peace and Progress as tools for social stability. The first line of the Constitution of Lyra reads: "It is the duty of every citizen of Lyra to pursue happiness unceasingly." Read more details in Volume 2 of the series, VOLKOV

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  • Animation | Blue Angel Series

    SEASON 1 E01 | HYPERON Angel is called to join an intelligence taskforce to track down the activities of Hyperons, travellers from a parallel Universe. Meanwhile, her colleague Barbara tries to gain the trust of Jonthar, a Tharelian immigrant. US and UK only Worldwide E02 | JOURNEY Angel travels to the Isle of Man to visit Alice Morland, her sick mother. In a flashback, her father Nikol meets Alice in the USSR. US and UK only Worldwide E03 | THE FOX Angel meets Maria Slavcic, a psychic who gives her information about her father. She teleports alone to Tharelia. US and UK only Worldwide WATCH NOW Worldwide US and UK only ANIMATION

  • The Story | Blue Angel Series

    THE STORY Blue Angel is a retrofuturistic science fiction series. The world of Anzhelika Volkova, a British special agent, is taken over by the Hyperons, travelers from a parallel Universe who are planning an invasion using a new teleportation technology. The optimistic and peaceful world of Angel, with its retro style and its nuclear fusion batteries, faces an insidious and dangerous enemy, willing to get what he wants no matter the price. When facing adversity, the introspective Angel and her ideal world learn and expand their perception of the surrounding reality. Formats: Books, Animation, Podcasts Genre: Sci-Fi, Retro-Futurism Language: Portuguese (books), English with subtitles (videos) MAIN CHARACTERS ANGEL Born in Krasnodar, Russia, Anzhelika Nikolayevna Volkova emigrated to London with her mother as a baby, leaving her father. A bright student, she is in top physical condition and is an excellent marksman. Angel is discreet and conservative in her habits and attire. In action she is brave, self-assured and confident, but in everyday life she is an introspective and lonely person who misses her father. NIKOL Nikolay Igorevich Volkov is Angel's father. From a colonel in the Russian Air Force to a collaborator with the Hyperons, he is always on the lookout for opportunities, not always orthodox ones. ALPHA Alpha is the Chief of British Intelligence (Section 06). A mild-mannered, no-nonsense Englishman, he trusts Angel completely, but he also has a few tricks up his sleeve... ALICE A former English nurse, Alice Morland is Angel's mother. Living on the Isle of Man, her health conditions are not good. HAYES The balding, methodical Abner Hayes is British Intelligence's Regional Director for Europe. JONTHAR Thar Jonthar is an "immigrant", one of thousands who smuggled Tharelia out. In order to remain on Planet Blue, he is willing to collaborate with Section 06 by providing confidential information. MARIA Born in Lviv, Ukraine, Maria Feodorovna Slavicitch is a mystic and esotericist. She will help Angel find his father on Tharelia. FLORENCE An active intelligence agent, Florence McPherson is outgoing and communicative. She is always ready to take on any role needed to fulfill a mission. BARBARA Londoner Barbara Elliot is an agent of the Intelligence Service, Special Operations Division (Section 06). THE WORLDS BLUE UNIVERSE Blue developed controlled nuclear fusion in the 1930s, making the planet have inexhaustible energy sources. Transport and electromechanical technologies are well developed, but electronics is still in its early stages. In Geopolitics, the UK is the most powerful nation, followed by Russia. Thanks to an even distribution of energy, the Blues live in relative peace and quiet. In Architecture and Design, a traditional style prevails. THARELIAN UNIVERSE Tharelia, the planet of the Hyperons, is a world dependent on fossil energy, violent and with increasingly scarce natural resources. But Hard Sciences are very developed and electronic technology is extremely advanced. Its mechanical systems are inefficient and use obsolete technology, but miniaturized devices connected by wireless networks are seen everywhere. Developments in theoretical physics led to the discovery of parallel Universes and hyperspace travel. The discovery of Blue, a habitable planet that dominates controlled nuclear fusion, was seen as an opportunity, and a phased invasion was planned and executed by a civil-military initiative called The Hyperon Project . To force the Blues to accept negotiations, the Hyperons always operate from the background, in political and cultural spheres.

  • Blue Angel Series

    A RETROFUTURISTIC SERIES Anzhelika Volkova, a British Intelligence officer, makes her journey through the infinite aspects of reality... [read more] If everything is possible, what is right... and what is wrong? Animation Reproduzir vídeo Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copiar link Link copiado 3D Products BlueWiki The concepts and topics of the series in detail Books Short Stories Thar of Narah Kvashin's Colony Great Narah, Tharelia Tharelian power plants are gigantic structures hundreds of meters high. For safety reasons, the... Red Sands My name is Ethan Morris and I have been with British Intelligence for eight years. Of course, that's not something you can say around to... The Sign Dept. of Russian Literature Oxford Professor Irina Pavlova is a dashing lady in her sixties. She was born in Vladivostok but lived her... Thar Tegthar: "The sacrifice of these men was not in vain. A new era has begun." Professor Thar Tegthar at a seminar at Yontah University My name is Thar Pethar and I am 76 years old. As a retired journalist, I have... The Primordial Shells The Principle of Complexity is one of the basic elements of the Triad, the "pillars of the world". He assures that even the Full... The Universes and their Creation According to the principles of Kalc Hermeticism, a Universe is "created", that is, it manifests itself on the Physical Plane, from a Full... Lyra Lyra is a stable Type I Universe. It is the oldest Universe catalogued in the Hyperon Universes Database (HUD), with an estimated age of... Tharelia Tharelia ("The Land of Thar") is a planet located in the Type I Tharelian Stable Universe. The planet was named after Thar the Elder, the... Articles Instagram PODCASTS Podcasts about several topics of the series

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