Blue Angel is a retrofuturistic animation and graphic novel series. The world of Anzhelika Volkova, a British special agent, is taken by storm when Hyperons, travellers from a parallel Universe, plan an invasion with a new teleportation technology. Angel's optimistic and peaceful world, with its retro fashion and cold-fusion nuclear batteries, faces an insidious and dangerous enemy, decided to take what he wants, whatever the cost. The introspective Angel, as her world, grows up and learns with the adversity.

Format: Animation, 3D.
Genre: Sci-Fi, Retro-futuristic.
Duration: 20 minutes/episode avg.
Language: English.
Born in Krasnodar, Russia, Anzhelika Nikolayevna Volkova emigrated with her English mother to London when she was a child, leaving her father back. A brilliant student, she graduated in English and Russian Literature and received a M.A. in Eastern European Studies from the University of Oxford. Thanks to her abilities and knowledge of Eastern and Central European languages, the British Intelligence recruited her for special operations in foreign countries.

Adopting the codename "Blue Angel", she has a perfect physique and is an excellent shooter. Angel is conservative and discrete with respect to costumes and dress. She is bold, blasé, self-confident in action but a loner and introspective who miss her father too much.
Alpha is the Head of the British Intelligence Service. A well-educated and straightforward Englishman. He completely trusts in Angel, but he has some cards up his sleeve...
Nikolay Igorevich Volkov is Angel’s father. A retired Russian Air Force Colonel and a collaborator of the Hyperons, he goes wherever the big money is.
An active Intelligence officer, Barbara Elliott is the expansive counterpart of Blue Angel: extravagant, colorful and seductive. With a theatrical background, she can assume any character needed for the mission.
Thar Jonthar is an “immigrant”, one of the thousands “unofficially” leaving Tharelia, the Hyperon world. To settle in the Blue World, he is willing to collaborate with the Intelligence, getting closer to Barbara and giving sensitive information.
An English woman, Alice Morland is Angel’s mother. Living in the Isle of Man, her health is failing.
Born in Lviv, Ukraine, in her early-30s and with a long blonde hair, Maria Feodorovna Slavic is a psychic. She will help Angel find her father in Tharelia.
Blue planet
Blue planet developed controlled nuclear fusion technology back in the 1930s, and now their society has no energy limitations. Transportation and electro-mechanic technologies are very well developed, but the electronics are still in their early phases. In geopolitics, Britain is the most powerful nation, followed by Russia. Thanks to equally-distributed nuclear energy resources, the Blues live in relative peace and stability. In architecture and fashion, a traditional style still prevails.
Tharelia, the Hyperons’ planet, is a fossil-energy dependent world, violent and depleted of natural resources. But the sciences are very well developed, and electronics and digital technology are very advanced. Despite the planet’s inefficient and poor mechanical systems, miniaturized, network-connected devices are ubiquitous.
Developments in theoretical physics led to the possibility of travelling in the hyperspace, the so-called Hyper-travel. The discovery of Blue, a planet with controlled nuclear fusion technology, was faced as an opportunity, and a "soft-invasion" was planned and executed by a civilian-military effort called “The Hyperon Project”. To force Blues to accept the negotiations, Hyperons always operate in the background, in the political and cultural spheres.