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Where all possibilities coexist

BLUE ANGEL, a retrofuturistic Sci-Fi series. A British Intelligence officer makes her journey through the infinite aspects of reality.


w/ English Closed Captions


w/ Subtitles


E01 episode title art.jpg

Episode 01 | HYPERON

Angel is called to join an intelligence task force to track down the activities of the Hyperons, travellers from a parallel universe. Meanwhile, her colleague Barbara tries to gain the trust of Jonthar, a Tharelian immigrant.

E02 episode title art.jpg

Episode 02 | JOURNEY

Angel travels to the Isle of Man to visit Alice Morland, her sick mother. In a flashback, her father Nikol meets Alice in the USSR.

E03 episode title art.jpg

Episode 03 | THE FOX

Angel meets Maria Slavcic, a psychic who gives her information about her father. She teleports alone to Tharelia.

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