BLUE ANGEL is a realistic 3D animation production, targeted at global audiences. The series explores the perception of reality at different levels, and how it changes through knowledge and personal experience. 

The production uses AI-generated, realistic voices and professional-quality soundtracks, along with an advanced CGI visual language. It is targeted to adult and young-adult audiences worldwide.

The project has been under development since 2013 and it has 63 written episodes so far, with 9 seasons ("Cycles"). Three episodes are already available. Along with the audiovisual experience, the audiences can find detailed content about the key aspects of the series Multiverse on the official website.

The project contemplates even more diverse content on the website, like games and e-books that will detail and expand the main narrative.

Concept, story and animation by Claudio Malagrino, a Bachelor of Arts and Communications from Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Some testimonials:

"It's like RWBY meet Fringe. I love it! (...) You know, I find it hilarious that this small team production surpasses a professionally made show."

"The first episodes definitely leave you wanting more, which is precisely what an early start to a series should do."

BLUE ANGEL is now available at Amazon Prime Video and also can be watched directly on the official website, https://www.blueangelseries.com.

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