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Thar of Narah

Atualizado: 8 de nov. de 2023

Kvashin's Colony

Great Narah, Tharelia

Tharelian power plants are gigantic structures hundreds of meters high. For safety reasons, the area around them is kept clear of houses and roads. Despite that, it's always occupied by boys playing football.

Tharelian football is played with a team of 6. There is no goalkeeper, and the goal is a circular hoop 10 feet in diameter. The ball is lighter and the game is more concentrated on long-distance kicks than on the players' melee.

Despite being 7 years old, Gunthar is a strong boy who helps his parents in the fields after returning from school. The family owns a vast estate in Kvashin Colony that was inherited from their ancestors. The land, which produces wheat and has a sheep farm, has always been a symbol of wealth and prosperity for the family, but over time it has lost productivity and importance.

But Gunthar's only concern at the moment is the ball. He receives a pass from his teammate and shoots towards the rim. The ball goes through the goal.

- EEEEHH! Gunthar!!!

His teammates hug him. But Gunthar listens to a distant voice that he would rather not hear now.

- Gunthar! Let's go!

His mother Larthari is a typical Orthodox Erlah, with her black haji on her head and a long-sleeved black dress.

- Oh, mother!

- Come on, Gunthar! Let's have lunch!

The boy takes his things and says goodbye to his classmates.

- I told you not to play ball next to the plant! This polluted air...

- The teacher said that the air is bad everywhere.

- Yes, but here it is much worse. Look at your uniform, all dirty!

Gunthar slaps his pants but can't get the dust stains off. The pants are almost tearing at some points thanks to the falls on the field.

After a half-hour walk, they arrive at the farmhouse. Your father Dorthar and grandmother Elthari are waiting for him. Dorthar wears a long beard and sideburns that strictly adhere to Orthodox precepts. Elthari makes the final arrangements for the food.

Larthari and Gunthar enter. Elthari looks at him.

- What a dirty boy! Go wash your hands before sitting at the table!

Larthari helps Elthari to put the dishes on the table.

- He was playing ball again.

- Leave it. At least have some fun.

Gunthar returns and everyone settles down at the table. The boy opens one of the pots. The father looks at him reproachfully.

- Gunthar! How do we do it?

He closes the pot again and lowers his head. Dorthar begins his prayer.

- In the beginning, Nazhdar was all there was. The Guardians of Time created the land and sea. The swallow flew and the first man woke up. May Thar de Narah bless this table and enlighten our spirit.

All repeat:

- Thar Shvar.

Gunthar finally attacks the pot and helps himself to the boiled meat with vegetables. Dorthar comments.

- This morning, another sheep was dead. The springs dried up all south of the property. The rest of the water we have now is contaminated. And that plant, the pollution...

Larthari takes a deep breath.

- By Thar of Narah, how long?

Elthari looks at her.

- The Ashtar commented on the Sedrah that Nopahs are fleeing to this new world, Blue.

Dorthar laughs wryly.

- Yes, the Nopahs are always the first to jump ship. No surprise.

Larthari looks at him.

- I know some Erlahs that are also getting this pass, Dorthar.

Her mother looks at her reproachfully.

- But what do you want? Abandon everything? Our lands, the work of your ancestors?

- Mom, it won't take long and we'll start starving here. We barely sell our wheat, and livestock is only for milk and our food.

- Time to roll up your sleeves, my daughter! We can sell cheese to the city, even bread!

Dorthar shakes his head.

- In Erinah, people today only consume industrialized products imported from Nopah. They turn up their noses at what we do here.

Larthari looks at her husband.

- Dorthar, I'll talk to Ashtar. Who knows he doesn't have some contact? Someone who can bring us a good proposal for the farm?

Dorthar nods, sighing.

Kvashin's Sedrah

Larthari enters Sedrah. The Ashtar, with a long beard and wearing a black hat and robes, lights candles on an altar.

- Thar Shvar, Ashtar.

- Thar Shvar, Larthari.

- Ashtar, I need your help. It's about the farm.

- In fact it's actually about Blue, right?

- Yes, Ashtar. I want a better life for our family. No more counting dead animals and lost crops.

- Are you sure of your decision, Larthari?

- Yes, I have.

- I know someone who can help you.

- Thank you very much, Ashtar. Thar Shvar.

- Thar Shvar, Larthari.

Kvashin's Colony

The broker talks to Dorthar and Larthari at the table.

- The initial proposal is 50 thousand tharions. But Tharelian money is worthless in Blue. We'll secure your teleportation plus £5,000 for expenses.

Dorthar shakes his head.

- This is a misery! This property is worth at least one million tharions!

- No one would pay that ammount on an estate in The Great Narah today, Dorthar. Be realistic. And more: this transfer is not official. There is no open immigration policy on the part of the Erlah government at this time. So consider yourselves privileged.

- And I bet there's a lot of bribery to be paid, of course.

- Like everything else in Erlah, Dorthar. Starting with the Church.

Larthari presses her lips together.

- Yes, the Ashtar. What's his percentage?

The broker gets up.

- I have nothing more to say about it, Larthari. I'll be back tomorrow with the paperwork to be signed. Yemith Shvar.

The man withdraws. Larthari looks at Dorthar, who rubs his hands over his face in despair.

Kvashin's Sedrah

Larthari walks towards the Ashtar.

- We received the broker yesterday, Ashtar.

- Are you satisfied with the proposal? He's a good guy and...

- But it's very cynical of you, isn't it? You are unworthy of this house, in the name of Thar of Narah!

- I demand your respect, Larthari.

- Which you never deserved! Everyone in the Colony knows of your corrupt and lewd acts! And now this!

The Ashtar extinguishes one of the candles and looks at it.

- Larthari, take your family and go live your life in this new world. Consider this a blessing from Thar. I am just the tip, the visible face of a decayed structure. This planet is dying. Leave me here enjoying material pleasures before I and everything else turns to dust. Go, Larthari. May Thar de Narah enlighten your soul and that of your family members! Thar Shvar.

Larthari doesn't say a word, just looks at the Ashtar and withdraws from the Sedrah.

London, England

Blue Universe

After teleportation at a hub in the English countryside, Larthari's family is transported by train and bus to a Tharelian immigrant checkpoint. They get off the bus and show their documents to the Hypos, Hyperon police officers registering refugees.

The surrounding area is filled with tents, where Tharelians make their tea over makeshift heaters. Hypo releases family documents. As Dorthar helps Elthari with the luggage, Larthari takes Gunthar's hand.

- Come, my son. This is your new land. May Thar of Narah guide your steps from now on.

The family walks among the tents and refugees, seeking their way.


BLUE ANGEL is a retrofuturistic fiction series. Anzhelika Volkova, a British Intelligence officer, journeys through the infinite aspects of reality. Visit the official website of the project:

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