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Thar of Narah

Atualizado: 13 de mai.

Kvashin's Colony

Great Narah, Tharelia

Tharelian power plants are gigantic structures hundreds of meters high. For safety reasons, the area around them is kept clear of houses and roads. Despite that, it's always occupied by boys playing football.

Tharelian football is played with a team of 6. There is no goalkeeper, and the goal is a circular hoop 10 feet in diameter. The ball is lighter and the game is more concentrated on long-distance kicks than on the players' melee.

Despite being 7 years old, Gunthar is a strong boy who helps his parents in the fields after returning from school. The family owns a vast estate in Kvashin Colony that was inherited from their ancestors. The land, which produces wheat and has a sheep farm, has always been a symbol of wealth and prosperity for the family, but over time it has lost productivity and importance.

But Gunthar's only concern at the moment is the ball. He receives a pass from his teammate and shoots towards the rim. The ball goes through the goal.

- EEEEHH! Gunthar!!!

His teammates hug him. But Gunthar listens to a distant voice that he would rather not hear now.

- Gunthar! Let's go!

His mother Larthari is a typical Orthodox Erlah, with her black haji on her head and a long-sleeved black dress.

- Oh, mother!

- Come on, Gunthar! Let's have lunch!

The boy takes his things and says goodbye to his classmates.