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Nikolay Igorevich Volkov, Colonel of the Russian Air Force, was born in Sevastopol, Crimean Peninsula, USSR. He is the third son of Igor Vasilievich Volkov and Anastasia Volkova.

Upon enlisting in the Russian Air Force, he specialized in air transport aircraft. He was then assigned to the Multipurpose Transport RU-1976, also known as Летающая черепаха (the "Flying Turtle"), operating from the Sevastopol Base.

Nikolay Volkov married QARANC Sergeant Nurse Alice Morland and was transferred to the Krasnodar Air Base. They have a daughter, Anzhelika Nikolayevna Volkova.

As a lieutenant, Nikolay Volkov was the subject of an investigation regarding arms smuggling from the Krasnodar Base. The inquiry was inconclusive.

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