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Lyra Universe

Lyra Universe

Lyra is a stable Type I Universe, with coordinates [963.832.241]. It is the oldest Universe catalogued in the Hyperon Universes Database (HUD), with an estimated age of 4 trillion years. As a very old Universe, Lyra is losing its sub-atomic cohesion, and matter will cease to exist at some point in the next thousand years. It has 12,165 habitable planets, but only one, Lyra, has an advanced civilization. The planet orbits a double star with the same name. The stars share the same gaseous envelope, but thanks to the rapid rotation of the double system around its centre of mass, its gas is ejected into space creating a spiral with a maximum radius of more than 1 light year. The gas from the double system creates an effect called "silver rain": low-energy particles reach the planet's atmosphere, creating small discharges. These discharges in turn create electromagnetic fields that hold matter together and help slow the process of sub-atomic degeneration.


The planet Lyra is ruled by the House of Khor, a 25,500-year-old lineage. Lyra society is based on Positivist ethics: Peace and Progress as tools for social stability. The first line of the Constitution of Lyra says: "Every citizen of Lyra must relentlessly pursue happiness."


Lyrans practice the Cult of the Double Star. A convention celebrates the Year of Happiness, with the presence of Khor and Khara. Several debates are promoted to “sow development and reap the fruits of Peace and Progress”.

Current affairs

The government of Surnah is promoting a policy of teleporting Tharelians to Lyra. Around 150,000 Tharelians are working in the cities of Lyra as cleaners, janitors, and window washers. A few are owners of small fast-food restaurants, derogatorily called "greasy spoons”.

Homeland security and terrorism

Infiltrated terrorist groups of unknown identity operate among the Tharelian immigrant population. Their actions seek to discredit Lyra's institutions and the population's religious beliefs. Lyra authorities monitor the activities of these groups, which are subject to the full extent of the law.

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