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Tharelia ("The Land of Thar") is a planet located in the Type I Tharelian Stable Universe, with coordinates 754,858,946. It is the second planet from the Tharelian Sun, with an average radius of 6,214 km. The Tharelian year has 320 days. The planet was named after Thar the Elder, the Unifier of the Three Tribes and founder of the Erlah Church.


The planet has 3 main continents:
• Nopah (Capital: Yontah)
• Erlah (Capital: Erinah)
• Surnah (Capital: Surnarah)

The Tharelian continents are not connected but separated by vast oceans. The largest body of water is the Equator Sea, followed by the East Sea.
Temperatures range from -56°C on Anhil Island to +42°C in the Yazhir Wilds, both located in Surnah.

Tharelia's solar year is shorter than Planet Blue's year by two months. Tharelia's mean solar year has 300 days and 4 local hours.
The total population of the planet is 8,402,694,730 inhabitants. The flora and fauna of Surnah are severely affected by pollution and poaching. Natural resources are scarce, and the humanoid population relies only on fossil fuels as energy sources.


Humanoid occupation of the planet began from The Great Narah, the largest island on the planet located on the continent of Erlah. Small Hemitic communities formed around the city of Erinah about 10,000 years ago.

The occupation of other continents was possible 5,000 years ago with the advent of advanced navigation techniques. The jungles of Yazhir received settlers who established several communities near the Equator, founding the city of Surnarah. Other groups colonized the continent of Nopah, founding the city of Yontah.

Surnah has a population of 120,000 An'Hals, members of a non-Hemitic indigenous group who live to the south on the Isle of Anhill.

Chiefs and warlords began to dominate living space and local populations 3,000 years ago. Hundreds of small nations were then created. Wars, invasions and looting became frequent. But a religious leader of the Cult of the Lords of Time named Thar the Elder began a campaign among his followers to unify the nations into just three tribes. Thar the Elder quickly became a threat to the power of the local chieftains and he was hunted down and imprisoned until his death. But his sacrifice created the conditions for the unification of the tribes and the development of the Erlah Church, based on the writings redacted by Thar called Makbath, or "The Received Doctrine".

The three tribes, now called the Erlah, Surnah and Nopah, developed independently and in relative peace over the next 3,000 years. But the Nopah culture's emphasis on materialism, hedonism, and technology, coupled with the warlord tradition of Surnah and the endemic corruption and undermining of the Erlah Church, brought tensions between the great nations.

Culture and Religion

Despite the planet's immense population, the Tharelians speak only a common language. All Tharelian male personal names begin and end with the particle "thar", as in Thar Jonthar, Thar Zedthar, etc. For Tharelian women, the particle "Thari" is used, as in Thari Lipthari, Thari Santhari, etc.

The people of Nopah use Rhom, a sans serif character set, in their writing. Erlahs use the traditional Hemitic characters and Surnahs use the Habikh characters.

The centre of the official Tharelian religion is the Erlah Orthodox Church. In practice, it is only strictly followed by the Erlahs. Pagan nature cults are common in Surnah, and most of the Nopah population are atheists. However, all married women wear the Haji, veils made of coloured fabrics in Nopah and Surnah and completely black in Erlah.

The Thar Shvar, or "the Soul of Thar", is celebrated on the 20th day of the 10th month. The holiday is observed almost everywhere on the planet, with meditation, dinner and gift exchange.

Science and Technology

Tharelian energy sources are of fossil origin. Microelectronics is very advanced, as well as theoretical physics. Given the prospect of depleting natural resources and the backdrop of overpopulation, Nopah's military and civilians created The Hyperon Project 60 years ago. The Project aims to create an escape route for less than 10% of the Tharelian population by seeking out Parallel Universes with suitable planets to harbour Tharelian physiology. Th$ 50 trillion (50 trillion tharions) has been spent on the project so far, with reasonable theoretical and practical results. The Hyperon Project led to the discovery of the Blue Universe, Stable Type I.

Researchers from the Hyperon Project also detected 45 years ago the existence of a Mirror Universe to Blue. This Universe has only one habitable planet called "Earth", with an advanced civilization. The "Earthlian" Universe has a compliance level of 12 to the Blue Universe. Detailed information about the planet "Earth" is classified by Hyperon authorities and cannot be disclosed.

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