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Surnah is one of the Three Tribes of Tharelia. Its capital is the city of Surnarah. It is the largest and most populous country on the planet.

Geography and Climate

Surnah is located between longitudes 90° West and 90° East and latitudes 0° and 50° South. Dominated in the past by vast tropical forests, the continent today has vegetation restricted to the Northwest, the region known as Yazhir. Tundras and frozen lands dominate the geographic scenery to the South.
Temperatures range from +42°C in the forests of Yazhir to -56°C on the southern island called Anhil. The capital Surnarah boasts temperatures ranging between 25°C and 38°C.


5,000 years ago, explorers from Erlah arrived in the wilderness of Yazhir, founding the city of Surnarah and numerous other settlements. Soon after, local chiefs established hundreds of independent city-states, each with their own set of laws. 3,000 years ago, followers of Thar the Elder brought about unification, and a Constitution and common Civil Law were drafted. However, local chiefs were permitted to continue managing their communities and often resorted to threats and intimidation to extort citizens.


The Surnah ethnicity is the dark-skinned Hemitic Akhat. The country's population is 4,298,618,580 inhabitants. There are also an estimated 120,000 An'Hals, indigenous non-Hemitic peoples who live in the frozen lands of Anhil Island. The capital Surnarah has 22,310,000 inhabitants. 72% of the country's population lives below the poverty line and at least 10% live in conditions of extreme poverty.

Political Organization and Government

In Surnah, the Head of State serves for life and is called the Imperator (or Imperatrix for women). The Imperator has the prerogative to choose his list of successors. Local administration is carried out by communal chiefs. Surnah has its Armed Forces, but local chiefs may have armies with limited firepower.

Culture and Society

33% of the population of Surnah follow the Erlah Orthodox Church. 15% are atheists, and 52% follow local pagan cults.
The Surnah alphabet uses the Habikh characters. The indigenous, non-Hemitic population of Anhil Island follows the monotheistic Cult of the Diamond and speaks the An'Halic language.


Surnah's economy is extractive. The country exports fruits and vegetables to Nopah and Erlah, as well as oil and coal from the southeastern regions of the country. The economy of the local communes is based on the trade of grains, beverages and livestock.

Current Affairs

Despite the country's fledgling economy, the local lords of Surnah spend billions of tharions annually importing weapons and aircraft from Nopah. The arms trade between local chiefs and Nopah's war industry is estimated to be 55% greater than Surnah's official GDP. Erlah representatives warn the governments of Nopah and Surnah about the dangers of the arms race promoted by local chiefs.

The country has seen in recent decades the creation of a paramilitary group called "The Flock", operating out of the slums of Surnarah. The group intends to unify part of the local communes and create an independent nation. The supreme leader of "The Flock" group today is Thar Akthar.

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