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Hyperon Project, The

Hyperon Project, The

The Hyperon Project is the greatest technological achievement in Tharelia's history. It began 60 years ago as a civil-military enterprise of vital importance to the future of Tharelian civilization. So far, the Project has consumed Th$50 trillion and brought important results in strategic and scientific areas.

The beginning

The Hyperon Project began 60 years ago at the Center for Theoretical Physics, an institute for advanced studies affiliated with the University of Yontah. The Project was motivated by growing concerns coming from Tharelian governments about the possibility of a large-scale global conflict, in addition to the process of degradation of the planet's climate and natural resources.
The Project's main goal is the transfer of 1% to 10% of the Tharelian population to other Universes in the short and medium term. A solution involving transferring a vast population to another habitable planet in the Tharelian Universe was considered infeasible and discarded, as no planet in the habitable zone was found within a radius of 10,000 light years.
After receiving carte blanche from the Nopah government, Professor Thar Teg thar organized a committee that convened the most prominent scientists and engineers from the following fields:

Physics - Theoretical
Physics - Nuclear
Physics — Solid State
Mathematics — Pure
Mathematics — Topology
Mathematics - Statistics
Engineering - Electronics
Computer Science
Quantum Computing
Military Strategy

The Military Strategy Division selected the Tonopah region, West of Nopah, as the headquarters of the Project Headquarters. Today, 5,540 scientists, engineers and military personnel are directly involved in the Project. It is funded by Nopah taxpayers as well as the country's technology industry through the "Tharelialive" program.

Theory and First Experiments

According to the Standard Model of the Multiverse developed by theoretical physicist Thar Tegthar, there are 4 categories of Universes: Types I, II, III and IV. Theoretically, information can be sent and received from any of these Universes, but safe teleportation of humanoids can only be carried out in stable Type I Universes. In this specific case, a connection between two Type I Universes can be established in the 11th. Dimension, but the energies involved are proportional to the square of the distances in Cartesian space. In this way, the target Universe needs to be within a radius of 10 meters in Cartesian space for energies of the order of 10 TW (Terawatts).

The task force's next challenge was to place the theoretical development of Tegthar et alli in practice. The Engineering Division created a central coil through which 100 GW (Gigawatts) of energy was applied to disturb the 11th Dimension and send information out of the Tharelian Universe. The experiment was successful and the energy was gradually increased to make it possible to send macroscopic probes.
In the following experiment, the scientists used a 2 TW generator to teleport a volunteer. Unfortunately, the volunteer was teleported to an unknown Universe and could not be brought back. The incident showed the need to develop teleporters, portable receivers that signal the position of the teleported individual.

Ten years passed before these portable teleporters could be developed. The first models were shaped like belts with heavy batteries. Today, bracelet-sized teleporters provide hyperlocation as well as information on temperature, radiation levels, and atmospheric pressure. Teleported individuals also carry a telecom, a portable device that aids in communication and navigation.


Today a typical teleportation is performed according to the following protocol:
1. In the starting Universe, quantum computers (with a processing power of 10 YottaFlops) calculate the wave function of the target Universe.
2. Data are normalized to local Cartesian space and sent to the Navigation and Monitoring terminals (with a processing speed of 50 THz).
3. Through decoherence methods, a perturbation is sent through the 11th Dimension to the target Universe, which absorbs the object/individual through a 100 Tbps hyperlink.
4. The teleporter sends pings back to the Central to keep the connection alive and to report the vital signs. The telecom can also open a 10 Gbps communication channel to the terminals.
To make the teleported individual or object return, the teleporter creates a new disturbance, this time in the starting Universe, which is amplified in the Central so that stable and safe teleportation is possible.
It is important to keep the connection active, otherwise, the teleported individual or object may be lost in the target Universe, making reverse teleportation impossible.

Strategic Operations

Project Hyperon is viewed by Tharelian authorities as a powerful military tool. Governments consider that different scenarios can be found in the target Universes:

1. Blind Occupation
If the Target Universe has a planet without a civilization or with a humanoid Level 0 (pre-atomic) civilization, the occupation would be carried out without resistance. The number of losses would be irrelevant given the importance of the operation. Local populations can be controlled or — in some cases — eliminated. This is an undesirable scenario, as the construction of a social structure can take decades and generate additional chaos.

2. Immediate Occupation
If the planet has a planet with a Level 1 (atomic) humanoid civilization, the occupation would be done through a large-scale military operation. Leaders would be arrested or eliminated, and local populations would be relocated to remote regions. It is extremely important to eliminate any previous political organization such as parties and national borders. The local population must be aware of the new order and the new rules. Given the more advanced social structure of this type of society, the mass elimination of individuals must be avoided in order not to create resentment and pockets of resistance.

3. Gradual occupation
If the target Universe has a planet with a humanoid civilization Level 2 (post-atomic) and its military power is superior, the occupation would be done through a concept called "power of influence". Local collaborators and liaison officers should be contacted in advance to obtain reliable sources of information. At the same time, Hyperon diplomatic representatives must operate from the backstages, in political and cultural spheres, to win the "hearts and minds" of the local population. The media, universities and political forces of revolutionary orientation must be infiltrated.
Social and humanitarian discourse should always be used, and any opposition should be discouraged and associated with negative local customs. Financial aid should always be used as a persuasion tool for politicians, parties, opinion makers and media representatives. A positive view of the Tharelian presence must be constructed. This process of social reengineering should take two to three decades. Meanwhile, a military presence must be run silently by creating beachheads with teleportation and communication centres.

Project objectives

The initial goal of Project Hyperon is the immediate transfer of 1% of the Tharelian population to the target Universes and 10% in the next ten years. The remaining population should be fully relocated when the social reengineering process is complete and mature.

Practical Results

The Hyperon Project has been able to identify 2,046 stable target Universes to date. But 1912 Universes only have planets with unsuitable conditions, such as disease, dangerous microorganisms or toxic atmospheres. Three of them have been tested and received visits by Hyperon officers so that Strategic Operations could start. The most advanced process is currently taking place in the Blue Universe. The other two Universes are being scanned by automated probes.

At present, Hyperon officers are establishing contact at the diplomatic level with representatives of Blue Planet, to negotiate cooperation in the technological and cultural fields. At the same time, beachheads are being built in strategic locations, equipped with teleportation systems, communication hubs, robots and mechs.

Immigrants and Refugees

Information indicates that the Surnah government would use clandestine teleporters to send Tharelians to specific Universes. These Surnah immigrants are working without any connection to Tharelia. The Nopah government discourages this procedure as it violates international treaties between Tharelian nations.

Some Nopah technicians are using teleporters to transfer to the Blue Universe without permission from the authorities. This is a severe violation of Nopah laws, and any Nopah citizen involved in clandestine teleportations will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

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