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Blue is a planet located in Type I "Blue" Stable Universe, with coordinates [752,965,846]. It is the third planet from the Blue Sun, with an average radius of 6,371 km. The Blue year has 365.25 days.


The planet has five land masses: the Americas, Eurasia, Africa, Oceania and the frozen lands of Antarctica. The Pacific is the largest ocean separating the Americas from Eurasia. Temperatures range from -70°C in Antarctica to +48°C in North Africa.
The population of Blue is 4,079,480,606 people. Nature is well preserved and the number of forests has increased by 45% since the 1930s, thanks to the end of deforestation and the use of clean energy sources.


The first Blue civilisations date back to 6,000 years ago. Sumerians and Akkadians created empires in the Mesopotamia region of Western Asia. Other civilizations flourished on the Indian Subcontinent, the Far East and Egypt. Greek civilisation (2700 to 100 BC) left an extensive legacy in language, thought, philosophy, politics and art. The Roman Empire (600 BC to AD 600), the largest empire in Blue's history, created the foundations of today's Western Civilization.
The 20th century saw major changes in the structure of Blue Society, thanks to developments in Science and Technology. The discovery of Controlled Nuclear Fusion by Israeli physicist Aharon Feldberg in 1932 created the so-called "Golden Age of the Atom". Powerful local energy sources put an end to regional and national conflicts. Industries could be created in remote places, and access to wealth and well-being was finally democratized.
Blue never experienced a large-scale conflict, such as a world war, but local conflicts of political-ideological nature began to occur from 1922 onwards with the creation of the Soviet Union (USSR). The potential tension between Eastern and Western blocs was called "Cold War". A Bolshevik empire, the USSR expanded its influence from Mongolia to the eastern regions of Germany, which split into two nations, following an internal plebiscite approved in 1944. With the collapse of the USSR in 1990, Germany was unified, and states under Soviet influence gained sovereignty again.


The Blue economy is extremely diversified and based on local production rather than international trade. The largest economies by nominal GDP today are:
1. United Kingdom (GDP US$32.5 trillion)
2. Russian Federation (GDP $26.2 trillion)
3. India (GDP US$18.3 trillion)
4. Japan (GDP $12.7 trillion)
5. Brazil (GDP US$ 9.7 trillion)
6. Germany (GDP $6.6 trillion)
7. USA (GDP $4.8 trillion)
8. Poland (GDP $2.7 trillion)
9. United Arab Emirates (GDP US$ 1.1 trillion )
10. Egypt (GDP $920 billion)
Global GDP growth was 4.2% last year.

Science and Technology

Developments in Atomic and Nuclear Physics led to the discovery of Controlled Nuclear Fusion (CNF) in 1932 by Israeli physicist Aharon Feldberg. CNF power plants were developed in the 1940s, and portable fusion batteries were created in the 1950s. A single AF-1 portable battery can power a home for over a year.
With no energy limitations, transport is now safer and more comfortable. The British and Russian governments are studying the development of a new space program, deactivated since the collapse of the USSR and the end of the Cold War.
Scientists and engineers in the United States are developing miniaturized electronic components based on semiconductor technology. The new technology will reduce the size of current radio and TV sets so that they become portable. Electronic computers that today occupy an entire room can be reduced to the size of a small refrigerator. According to experts, so-called "solid-state technology" will be available within the next three decades.

Culture and Society

Controlled nuclear fusion technology has changed the profile of Blue Society. With independent energy sources, nations could develop themselves without relying on international trade. In this way, there is no need to promote an artificially homogeneous global culture that would prepare populations for the acceptance of foreign consumer goods. Culture is more diverse from a global perspective and more homogeneous within each nation. The new CNF-based economy reduced conflict and respect national identities.

Current Affairs

High-level officials and representatives from Russia and the United Kingdom were contacted at the diplomatic level by a humanoid group called "Hyperons". The members of the group claim to be travellers coming from a parallel Universe called "Tharelia", proposing partnerships in Electronic Technology and Nuclear Energy. At the same time, classified information detects the existence of hidden Tharelian "bridgeheads" in strategic locations. Tharelians carry devices built with unknown, advanced technology, such as miniaturized electronic computers and wrist teleporters. Field agents reported that the Tharelian "bridgeheads" shelter robots and mechs equipped with heavy weaponry.
The UK and Russian governments are dealing with the Tharelian problem as a matter of national security. Details of the operations are confidential and cannot be revealed at this time.

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