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Anzhelika Nikolayevna Volkova (Russian: Анжелика Николаевна Волкова), born in Krasnodar, Krasnodar Krai, Soviet Union in 1987, is the only child of Russian Air Force Colonel Nikolay Igorevich Volkov and 1st Nurse Sergeant Alice Morland Volkova. Her mother, Alice Morland Volkova, returned to London, England, when Anzhelika was five. Anzhelika holds a degree in English and Russian Literature and an MA in Eastern European Geopolitical Studies from the University of Oxford.

Thanks to her exceptional command of Slavic and Germanic languages, Anzhelika was selected by the British Intelligence Service for reconnaissance and special operations in several European countries after undergoing training. Working directly with the British Director of Intelligence - Special Operations Division, codenamed ALPHA, agent BLUE ANGEL (Identification: S06 095-18-94) carried out multiple covert operations in Eastern Europe and SIGINT decoding via Short Wave (SW).

After the initiation of the Hyperon Crisis, Anzhelika became a highly regarded agent for obtaining information regarding the Tharelian invasion. She is fluent in English, Russian, German, Czech, Ukrainian, Latvian, and Romanian. In addition, she possesses notable marksmanship skills, scoring 98% on the British Armed Forces Personal Weapons Test.

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